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TwinBridge Korean Partner v2000 for Win 98/Me
Product Name: 
TwinBridge Korean Partner v2000 for Win 98/Me
Product ID: LPK2000
Manufacturer: TwinBridge
Sale Price $79.00 $69.00
(Savings: $10.00)
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Supports Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME

Korean  Partner 2000 is the first Korean enabling system that fully supports MS Windows 95/98/ME. It also supports all Windows functions and thousands of applications. This advanced version no longer supports MS Windows 3.x.

Provides Unicode Mode to Support Unicode Applications

Korean Partner 2000 provides true Unicode posting mode to display Korean characters in single cursor in all Unicode compliant applications such as MS Office 97/2000/XP. This function enables users to edit any Korean character with one move of cursor. Documents created by Korean version MS Office 97/2000/XP can be fully readable and ready for editing in English version MS Office 97/2000/XP and vice versa.

Korean Language

Internal Code Supported:

  • KSC5601 - the most popular internal code used in Korea.
  • KSCCJK - a KSC extension standard defined by TwinBridge.
  • TBCJK - a CJK standard defined by TwinBridge.
  • ISO2022-KR - a new international Internet standard. a new international Internet standard. a new international Internet standard.

Enables Windows and applications to process Korean Hangul and Hanja similar to English processing. Korean Partner works as a standard Windows application.

Korean Input Method

Sample of Korean Input

  • Hangul (Standard 2 bulsik and 3 bulsik) - input Hangul and Hanja.
  • Simple Stroke - input CJK Hanja.
  • KSC Code - Input KSC character.
  • Unicode - input CJK character.

Additional Fonts with Enhanced Quality

To enhance value to our users, Korean Partner 2000 provides the following high quality Korean fonts.

Outline Font - 4 Fonts (Krn Myungjo/Gothic...)
TrueType Font - 4 Standard Fonts (Krn Myungjo/Gothic...TT)
TrueType Font - 4 Unicode Fonts (TSC KrnMyungjo/KrnGothic...TT)


Super Code Converter

TwinBridge Korean Super Code Converter has three major functions . Each function can be performed alone or in conjunction with other functions.

  1. It converts the Korean internal code of a file from one code standard to another.
    Super Code Converter enables file conversion among major Korean code standards as well as among several content formats. It allows conversion among KSC and Unicode documents in text (ASCII) file and in RTF (Rich Text Format) file.
  2. It can add or remove space padding between Korean characters for proper auto-text-wrapping in non-MS Office applications.
  3. It can convert a Korean document written with TwinBridge Korean P artner v 4.x or earlier so that the document can be used in MS Office 2000/XP with Unicode format.

Meta Converter

In certain graphics applications, direct input of Korean characters may not be possible. Meta Converter is designed to export Korean characters to the Clipboard or a file in Windows Graphics Standard Meta Format (WMF). The user can then transfer the data to a graphics application such as CorelDraw and AutoCAD.

Single-Byte Converter

When a graphics format can not be used (such as the Text Path function in certain applications), the Single-Byte Converter can be employed as an alternative to the Meta Utility.  Basically, the Single-Byte converter creates a new single-byte TrueType font (similar to the "Symbol" font) based on the Japanese character input.  Documents using a font thus created will always display properly on any Windows-based computer (provided the new font is delivered along with the document) because the character output is independent of any language support system. Please note that each font created by the Single-Byte Converter can only hold a maximum of 188 characters.

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